Flu fighting – the natural way


It was RAG week here in Galway last week – but it was hell not money that was raised and not much thought given to college either.

But this week, as everyone is nursing their sore heads and sorer bank balances, lecture halls have filled once more. Yet the usual soundtrack of pens scratching or indeed occasional soft snores has been replaced by a chorus of spluttering coughs & violent sneezes.

So seeing as this blog is looking for every little way to make the burdens of life a bit lighter for everyone, I thought I’d share a fool-proof method of nipping those flu-ey symptoms in the bud. There is nothing worse than feeling groggy and snotty and all that spluttering can really take it out of you. And it’s just not ideal when you’re frantically trying to catch up with work after the craic of RAG week or, for the maturer souls, sitting in work all day (because you don’t need a week of frivolity to catch a cold!)

You can’t be expected to deal with life’s stresses while fighting off any illness – it can actually make matters worse. So what’s the use in running yourself into the ground? Try my natural flu-fighting remedy and hopefully you’ll be on the road to recovery before long…

What you need:

Juice of 1 Large Orange

Juice of 1 Large Lemon 

A Pinch of Ginger


Boiling water

Your favourite mug

Add the juice with the boiling water into the mug, add the ginger and squirt in a generous helping of honey (which will help sweeten up the drink.) Mix it all up and chug it back!

Manuka honey is great for many ailments. It makes a great exfoliant for your skin and in this case, it soothes your dry throat from all that coughing. If you don’t have Manuka (or find it a bit on the pricey side) use your local honey – this is made by bees that live in the same conditions as you and their honey works better for you than others. However don’t sweat it, any brand you have will do the trick just fine.

Finally make sure to get in your eight hours sleep, don’t stay up too late and eat decent meals, drinking lots of water as well – as my granny says, a stitch in time saves nine!







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