Dealing with disappointments: coming back from injury and self-doubt

Obstacles to our success in life can come in many forms. Life can pull the rug from under our feet at times and we have to gather ourselves and try to keep going.
In sport, physical injury is often the biggest culprit – the hours of training can go down the drain with one twist of the knee in the wrong direction. Disappointing results after hard work can also be part of the reason for losing motivation.
On a personal level, my sister and I started Irish Dancing before we ever started school. The years I spent dancing were ones that taught me many a lesson – particularly to be gracious in defeat as well as triumph.┬áMy sister still dances and, in the past year, she has had many ups and downs with injuries and results not reflecting the hard graft she was putting in. However, she has remained motivated and where one person may have thrown in the towel she has carried on. Therefore I decided to ask her and four other young sports people I know about how they find the will to carry on when they have been faced with injury or instances of self-doubt.

Hopefully what they have to say can help anyone who is dealing with a setback, be that in sport or any other area of life – it is not just in sport that a strong mind-set is needed!

Click the links below to read their advice.


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