Two weeks, one goal

Woohoo! Two whole weeks off from college. What ever shall I do with my time? Of course I’ve plenty of assignments to do and exams to study for, but aside from that I am taking two weeks to be good to myself – I think I need it.

It dawned on me writing my piece on the Temple Café (which you can read here): I have not been treating my body like a temple for a long time. Yes, I eat moderately well and I don’t drink excessively but other than that I don’t put much effort in and being perfectly honest, I can see that things need to change. Exercise other than walking to college just doesn’t happen anymore, something quite shameful for a girl who used to dance and swim regularly since childhood, and counting a tin of Heinz beans as 1 of my 5 a day is something along the lines of fibbing to myself. So I’ve decided to take action and as I said, be good to myself.

I’ve decided to use my two weeks off to do three things: exercise more, eat better and improve my skin.

I want these three things to help me feel better about myself, boost my confidence and to continue my progress on improving my mental health.

  • Exercising more: this actually began today with a 4km jog. Not going to lie, I walked a lot of it and I choked on a fly (which coincidentally has happened to me every time I ever have ran in my life and is the main reason I hate running… I guess I better improve my technique so my mouth doesn’t hang open and make me look so darn attractive.) I plan on going for a jog everyday I can for these two weeks and see how I get on. It’s high time I gave these lungs a workout!
  • Eating better: Anyone who knows me well knows I detest fruit. I’ll eat a Pink Lady apple or a Granny Smith and maybe a small orange but that is as far as it has ever gone – and even then, that’s once in a blue moon. So I’m going to focus on my fruit intake. I’m really, really good for getting in the required amounts of protein, carbohydrates and dairy – and even vegetables I’m not too bad for! But when it comes to fruit I definitely could do with more. I just always grimaced at the squishiness of it (ew!) However, I’m now hoping to try some new things I have refused before – maybe strawberries won’t be so bad after all – and I’ll be healthier for it. I’ll be sure to upload any alternative ways I find of incorporating fruit into my diet.watermelon
  • Improving my skin: I know everyone gets the odd breakout but my skin has been really bothering me lately so, inspired by a good friend of mine (whose blog you most definitely should check out here), I have decided that makeup is going to be kept to the bare minimum for two weeks. I already know I am going to wear it while I go away next weekend but for the most part I am going to try not to and see if there is any benefits. I plan on cleaning my face properly too and with the eating well and exercise, hopefully restore it to a healthy, glowing state; it has been looking tired and icky for long enough.

I’m hoping that these three steps will set me up for the last few weeks of college and put me into the right frame of mind for knuckling down to study for exams. They could also be tools that help me improve my lifestyle in general. All in all, being active, eating well and feeling confident all sound like a positive way to treat myself – so here it goes.

Expect updates…




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