An apple a day

an-apple-a-day-print-unframed-_12My two weeks are up and I’m back in the NUI Galway library (huzzah! I think not). Exam season is fast approaching – so, naturally I’ve chosen to update you all on my two week challenge rather than study.

Hands up, I was not as successful as I thought I would be (and I had planned on blogging on my progress so sorry about the lack of updates there.) The eating of exotic fruits and discovering a new favourite food did not occur – but I did eat plenty of apples, some not-from-concentrate orange juice (or not-sure-that-counts orange juice!) and many bowls of homemade soup (which is packed full of veggie goodness and totally counts, ok?!) 

Although I ate very well and avoided trashy foods, I know I could have done a lot better with the fruit side of things and plan on continuing my mission to one day eat a fruit salad and not have to force it down.

I managed to jog or walk everyday for the first six days but I fell off the wagon when I went to Glasgow last weekend. However, I definitely saw a benefit in fitting in an outdoor excursion to my day. No matter what mood I woke up in in the morning, it was improved after exercising. I was also pretty pleased with the improvement in my general health. Anyone who knows me is aware I have a persistent (and very irritating) cough and I think with more exercise I coughed less. Therefore I plan on keeping up my committment to jogging at least twice a week – who knows, I could be running marathons next, eh?

The area of my challenge I made the most progress in was looking after my skin better, so excuse me while I go into full-on #beautyblogger mode.

My break from makeup was short-lived but I definitely reaped rewards from it. Initially, I felt very self-conscious going into town shopping and going to the cinema another day too. Even though I knew people weren’t looking I felt insecure and imagined that they were. However, I told myself to not care about people I didn’t even know and after three days, I found myself getting used to skipping makeup application in the morning and caring less about whether I looked like I hadn’t slept in a week.

I experimented with different ways of cleaning my face. I settled for cream cleanser to remove any dirt, followed by old fashioned hot water and soap and a good scrub of a face cloth, being careful not to scrub too rigorously however to avoid stretching my skin. I also tried samples of Dermologica products and I have to say I will definitely be investing in their foaming face wash. It gave my face a good clean and then with a bit of moisturiser my face was glowing.

I also purchased new makeup, a mineral powder and so waved goodbye to the oily, liquid foundation I had before. The coverage is perfect for this time of year and is not clogging up my skin.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll have a few more posts this week so keep your eyes peeled for that!




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