The Marathon Diaries

I’ve been super busy recently since the end of college. Summer had hardly started and I found myself with a job in Dublin. I also went to Forbidden Fruit last weekend (where I had a ball, dancing the night away to Tame Impala.) Over the last few weeks though somewhere along the way I neglected blogging – BUT I’m back now and with a whole new project to share with you all!

Some of you may remember on my Easter break from college I tried to take up jogging – with little success. However, now that I have 4 months off at home I felt I needed to find a good use for my time – so I decided I’d sign up for marathon training.

And no, that is not a joke.

Yes, I, Sorcha O’Connor is planning on some serious exercise.

Running has never been a passion of mine (ahem, understatement of the century) but sure I thought why not give it go; it’s meant to be good for you.

I’m lucky enough to have a local marathon training programme and over the summer I will be working towards the Dublin Marathon with Team Carrie, set up by David Carrie 7 years ago, competing in various races over the coming months

This year Team Carrie has asked a group of young people (like me) who are doing the training to log their progress, to highlight the impact exercise has on our mental and overall well-being. I decided where better a place for me to do that than on my blog for the whole of the blog-o-sphere to see. I’ll have weekly updates and keep you all informed as I (hopefully) clock up the miles…

Stay tuned – and welcome to the Marathon Diaries!





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