Phoenix Park 5 Mile

This week I ventured out onto the road and ran my first 4 mile loop on Wednesday night. This was stepping things up a notch for me, who had only ever ran a few laps of the track at the training ground for Team Carrie, Dunleer AC.

Everyone was looking forward to Sunday when the team would have its first race of the series: the Irish Runner‘s five mile race in the Phoenix Park. Me, I was adamant that I wasn’t ready for the race and had made up my mind that I wouldn’t be taking part.

The weather was humid and muggy on the four mile and the going was tough. However as I battled round the four miles – and yes, it really did take that much effort in the heat – I decided that maybe I could enter the Phoenix Park five mile the coming weekend. Like, I was gasping for breath but I was still breathing; I could totally do an extra mile….

And do you know what? I was right.

This morning, I got up, ate my Weetabix and woke my dad for a lift down to Dunleer to catch the team bus at 7.45am.

I wasn’t exactly nervous but I was slightly worried I wouldn’t make it over the finish line. There was little time to dwell on those worries though as the bus was alive with chatter and David Carrie’s dulcet tones singing his anthem, ‘Run for Your Country’ (a song I am told I will be very familiar with by the end of the next few months!)

At the starting line with other Team Carrie members, I told myself that if I jogged to the 3 mile mark that would be my achievement for the day. I put in my earphones and away we all went.

I am delighted to say that not only did I jog the three miles I managed to really find my rhythm and got to the finish line without stopping or slowing down to a walk. I was on cloud nine afterwards – I can see how this may become addictive already!

I wasn’t running for a PB or anything like that (not like I had one anyway, haha!) The Team Carrie ethos is carrying everyone across the line so no matter if you walk, run or crawl, once you finish that is what it is all about.

However, I was really pleased that I finished in 53 minutes. Of course there’s no praise like self praise, but I am pretty proud of myself right now!

So there you have it, five miles down, 21 to go! In only two weeks training, I have made the first milestone. Here’s to the next five!





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