Hill hell

Well, no one told me it was going to be easy but good God, I did not think that this early on I would be about to confess that this running lark is hard.

Yep, you heard it here first, running is hard. This week, a lack of motivation and hills were my biggest detriments.

Wednesday night I did a good run despite the heat. And a good run for me is one which I don’t need to stop jogging (or swallow flies, get chased by a dog or need to call my dad to pick me up from the middle of nowhere because my legs have given up*.)

I felt great when I finished. The run had taken less out of me than before and I felt motivated that I would go out for a run again before the weekend.

Well, that didn’t happen. I found myself at Taste of Dublin with work on Thursday and played the ‘I’m too tired’ card on Friday. It was yesterday morning before I tied up my runners again.

I tried out a new route near where I live, another (roughly) four mile loop. While it was nice in the fact no one could see my red face as I went down the twisty country lane, the surface was uneven and probably a bit tough on my legs.

For the first part of my run though I was flying, as I was running down a hill. However things took a turn for the worse once I met the many other hills on the way back home.

Hills. They take so much will power. I’m only at the level of running 4-5 miles so my struggles are probably farcical to more established runners – but I only started running 3 weeks ago, could just about make a mile and so I am not going to pretend everything is easy when it isn’t.

Mentally, I had to push myself to keep going, to put one foot in front of the other to reach the top of a hill and meanwhile had to control any negativity that was creeping in telling me I wouldn’t reach the top. My brain was almost as tired as my legs!

As I ran, David’s words from training came back to me and really helped the struggle. He has assured us numerous times that it is perfectly fine to walk when you need to. Therefore, I adopted this technique to survive the hill inclines. I would run up them and treat myself to a walk when I got there.

(Treat myself to a walk… Who am I?!)

Anyway, I think that was my lesson for the week: it is okay to take a break. There is no point killing myself this early on and draining myself for the future.

However I definitely need to get a bit more structure into my schedule to make sure I am doing enough work. That is my plan for the coming week: follow the Team Carrie itinerary better. I also hope to look at my diet to see if I could be eating better (pretty sure I already know the answer to that one, haha!)

Until next time,



*Hasn’t happened… yet.







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