Three Good Things

As you all know from the Marathon Diaries, I have recently started running. One evening I got talking to an old friend of my mam, who also does the same training as me. She introduced me to the ‘Three Good Things’ concept as we jogged along the road and I thought I would share it with you all here.

What you need:

  • Small notebook
  • A pen
  • You

Before you go to bed at night, you write down three positive aspects from your day in the notebook. Maybe you had lunch with a friend, maybe you helped someone out at work, maybe you made a cup of tea for someone – anything goes, really.

Speaking from personal experience, initially you might have to rack your brains and feel like you didn’t do anything positive or worthwhile in your day. However, once you sit down and think about it, you realise you actually did do something good during the day.

Doing this just before bedtime ends your day on a positive note and personally I found that I was in a better place to fall asleep.

You can keep the process up for a week or forever; the main thing is that you can reflect on the positive things you’ve done, whether that is immediately afterwards or on a day that you’re feeling down about yourself or how life is going for you.

There are days when you will feel undervalued by others and there are days when you can undervalue yourself. Writing in the Three Good Things notebook could help you through those days and leave you feeling that bit more content with your lot than you did before.

It may all sound very “Peace & love, man,” to some of you – but trust me, it works!

Why not give it a go?







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