The Affirmation Wall

I woke up early this morning, something that tends to be happening more frequently now my body has accepted that half six is the start of my day! (The joys of working life…)

As I lay in bed I remembered a blog post I wanted to write awhile back but never got around to.

I have a wall in my room devoted to photos of happy memories, concert tickets, birthday and postcards and a general mish-mash of memorabilia that I have kept over the last few years.

I also have hand-written quotes and affirmations stuck up on the wall. Anytime I feel a bit down or start feeling negative I look at them and most of the time, something stands out to me that even momentarily lifts my mood.

I had one of those weeks this week when all you really want to do is re-watch episodes of Gossip Girl; this morning, looking up at my wall of positivity, it actually made me feel better and so I decided it was an idea worth sharing up here for you all.

I don’t really know how or when it first happened but over time if I came across a positive quote, a good song lyric or found something that made me look at life from a different angle I wrote it on a piece of card and stuck it up to be seen whenever I needed.

As I mentioned I also have cards, photos and tickets stuck up – anything that ever made me feel happy is represented I guess! I have the poem ‘Don’t Quit’ up there too and an extract from a speech which I’m pretty sure was given by Bill Gates. (I read it back in school ages ago and cut it out of the article it was in and of course now forget who the article was  even about… It’s full of inspirational advice anyway!)

Ultimately, the wall is a gentle reminder to me to focus on the positives in my life – something often easier said than done. It reminds me to work hard when my motivation starts to wane but it also reminds me to take it easy on myself at times too. It reminds me that life moves on and nothing stays the same forever – and where would be the fun in that anyway?

An affirmation wall is really easy to start and a glance up at it from time to time could really help keep you in a positive mindset.

And just to be clear, positive quotes don’t necessarily mean ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ either. Write up anything that makes you feel good. Even just printing out photos of good times can be nice – they’re something to cherish forever, instead of getting lost in the many Facebook albums you have.

It can all be as random or as cliché as you like – it’s your creation after all!

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