New runners

I’ve been running for over a month now and currently looking forward to the next event, the Dunleer 4 mile.

(Dunleer is a village near where I live, so it’ll be really nice to do something local and familiar.)

So I felt it was high time I invested in some new runners – something probably well overdue. I had been wearing a good pair of Nikes but I had robbed them from Mam and so needed to get fitted properly for my own.

With long distance training, runners can be key to injury prevention. I went to Elvery’s to get fitted as they have a process in place to ensure you are wearing the right pair that support your body’s needs.

It was a bit daunting having to take of my shoes and socks, roll up my jeans and then get up on a treadmill  in the shop (me not exactly an experience user on one!) This was to record the way my feet worked while I run. This is to detect over-pronation of the ankles. I also had my arches gauged.

I had been advised to get two pairs of runners by another runner in Team Carrie but yesterday that was just a tad over budget. However, the shop assistant also advised this and said that alternating runners can be very beneficial. Different areas of your body will receive pressure in different pairs so switching them up can give your joints a rest.

I purchased a pair of Gel-Luminus Asics in the end. I (naturally) wanted a pretty colour and I think the ones I got are cool, in a raspberry and turquoise colour. I’ve also read that if you like your running gear it can make it easier to put in the miles during the week. Not gonna lie, I agree – I’m excited to get them out on the road!

The shoes I got have plenty of gel to cushion my feet – I felt like I was wearing moon shoes in the shop! I’ve used my other runners for this week but hopefully I can break them in before next weekend for the race.

Come back next week to read how I get on!



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