A little bit of progress

It’s been two weeks since the last installment of The Marathon Diaries – where did that time go? I was a bit ahead of myself in my last post and thought I had my 4 mile race a weekend earlier than it actually was. All the more time for training I guess!

And the training seems to be paying off; I actually got a prize for coming second in the junior category of the race. Seriously. Miracles do happen, folks!

I was on cloud nine after the race, which I ran in 40 minutes. The day was a heavy, muggy one and this made the run less enjoyable at first. However, I soon found my stride and felt I ran at a steady pace without going too slow (although I probably was pretty slow in a more experienced runners eyes but let’s not dwell on that!)

As I said I was delighted with the race so thought this week I would chat a bit about the difference I am seeing in my mood since I started running.

The first week I ventured out on the road to do 4 mile was a tough experience. I got a stitch about half a mile in, I was fit to burst into tears at about two miles, walked nearly all the third mile and managed to jog a bit towards the end of the last mile. And not a chance was I up for talking to anyone while I went – I was far too out of breath for that.


But slowly I’ve improved since that first week. We’ve had inspirational speakers come in at training – international athletes Caitriona McKiernan and Tomás Cotter – and their advice has really helped. Caitriona actually gave the same advice my dancing teacher used to give us to improve our posture: imagine a string is pulling you up from your head. Honestly, keeping yourself standing tall when you run is a major help. It’s easier to breathe for one thing!

Tomás also emphasised the importance of keeping things simple. Don’t overthink it all – just enjoy the training, keep it simple.

I now can talk to the people I run along with and feel like my stamina has improved as I kept up my attempts at the four mile distance.

I also now feel great after I run. I get a feeling of satisfaction from pushing myself and I like to have something to focus on. I get a surge of positive energy when I come home from training or from a jog – it’s true what they say about the runner’s high! My general mood has been up and down the last few weeks and having the few hours a week to run really helps clear the head.

I’m looking forward to doing the 6 mile loop this week at training. Tackling this route will be another milestone in my training (on top of the unplanned milestone of winning a prize this weekend!)

Come back next Sunday for another update – I promise it will be up on time…



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