The Importance of Friendship

So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clapclapclapclapclap*


Friends. They play an important role in all our lives. As the theme song goes, they’ll be there for you when the rain starts to fall (and when your job’s a joke, you’re broke and your love life’s DOA.)

They’ll make you laugh till you’re in tears but also turn tears into laughter, bring out the best in you and put up with the worst. It’s nice to know you have a friend to trust, who knows when a situation calls for a cup of tea or shot of tequila – and when to tell you to cop on and get on with it too.

Recently I began to think how surrounding yourself with a positive group of people to call your friends can really help your outlook. I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to this – over the years I’ve met some really great people and while we may not always be in touch or see each other every day, I know that there will always be someone who has my back. So basically this is just a post to celebrate friendship & a reminder that when things go a bit pear shaped, surrounding yourself with good people can get you through.

In Galway, where I go to college, I live with five other girls. They say you don’t really know someone till you live with them. And let me tell you, that’s true. If they can put up with me clogging the sink with rice or using the last of the gold dust in the house (ie toilet paper), I know I have friends for life.

At home I have my Greenhills gals* – a guaranteed good time and a bit of goss when I’m back from the West never goes amiss.

Today I met up with one of my other friends, who brightened my day with an out of the blue let’s-do-lunch text.

I can’t but appreciate these friends of mine, met in school, college, dance class, summers in the Gaeltacht and wherever else. I know that in time some may exit stage left, some already have, but these too will be the greatest teachers I ever have. And the ones that stay for the long haul are priceless.

If ever you feel down or just need a good cry, a friend can be key to switching from negativity to positivity. I’ve been the crier and I’ve been the friend – I’ve seen it in practise! Having someone to give you a reality check and put things in perspective can work wonders – and sometimes all any of us need is a chat to get things off our chest and a positive friend will certainly be someone you can do that with.

I started this post in an attempt to show how being around positive people can make you see life from a positive view point but I think it’s transcended into a gushy my-friends-are-better-than-yours tribute! I guess my main message is to appreciate your friends but to also appreciate yourself. Surround yourself with people that love you for you, that will be the Chewy to your Han Solo, the Ron to your Harry and the Chandler-Monica-Ross-Rachel-Phoebe to your Joey.

So here’s to great friends, may you have them and may you be one, and may you be your own friend too because as the old saying goes, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.


*Greenhills gal: Greenhills is the all girls secondary school I went to & typical ‘gals’ were someone who could pull off a dodgy, rolled-up-five-times navy skirt and a messy bun like no one’s business and get the shift off a Joey’s lad before maths first class. LOL 


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