Fingal 10k & the week that was 

Today I ran in the Fingal 10k in Swords, Co Dublin. Right now, while I am glad I made it around the course, I kinda think I could have pushed myself a little more to shave off five minutes of my time – something I know in myself I could’ve done.

However, I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it – the day was a hot one & that can always make a difference. Luckily the fire brigade were on hand to spray us with a hose a 8k. A bit disconcerting at first when I mistook the spray up ahead for smoke…

It took me a little while to get into the swing of things too – I was really glad to be running beside Nicole, who I met at training last Wednesday (I literally meet new people every week. Shout out to Amy & Margot too!) She kept me going and made sure I was doing ok, which is something that is always appreciated!

This week I felt quite tired – a mix of running, work and nights out catching up on me I think!

I ran on the beach in Termonfeckin earlier on in the week. It felt so good to take a break from county roads and feel the sea breeze on my face! I’m actually not sure how far I ran but one mile is better than no mile, as David would say.

Wednesday night was a tough one but when I got running with Nicole the two of us paced each other and found ourselves back at Dunleer AC for a cuppa and caramel square before long! I’d advise anyone thinking of joining TC next year to do it even just to experience those caramel squares. So good.

Overall, this week was a busy one but running helped me keep a clear head and I had something to focus on all week long.

Here’s to the next week and the next steps of my running journey! For now, it’s time to watch some Gilmore Girls on Netflix and put my feet up…


TC finishers!


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