Squeaky-bum time

Things have gone up a notch in the last two weeks with running; the long runs have begun and the Frank Duffy 10 mile race is on the very-near-horizon.

Today I did a 10mile and it’ll be an early night tonight, I’m telling you! Unfortunately I ran on my own which I think always makes it a bit tougher and requires more self-reliance and determination than when you are merrily jogging along having the chats! However I got it done and I now wait in anticipation for next weekend’s race in the Phoenix Park.

It certainly is ‘squeaky-bum time’ as they say and so what a perfect time to have a visit from LMFM’s Gerry Kelly at training this week. I’ve mentioned before how myself and four other Team Carrie members are being followed for the series and will be keeping Gerry and the Late Lunch show up to date with our progress.

I’ll stick up the podcast once it is available!

I’m enjoying this next part of the challenge, upping the mileage and really getting stuck in. Today’s success of Fionnuala McCormack oddly gave me a further boost – seeing her outstanding achievement of coming in the top 20 in an Olympic marathon on a blistering hot day in Rio, gives me the motivation to ensure I don’t place 17,500th on a considerably cooler day in Dublin (if I even get that far, haha!)

And yes, you read that right – there is 17,500 entries to the marathon this year, which sold out during the week! This is an incredible number for Dublin and a great feat for the organisers. Of course, the added bonus of a beautiful 1916 commemorative medal waiting at the finish line was also probably a big incentive for many!

That’s it for now. I’ll be back next Sunday with a full-report on the Frank Duffy 10mile and the week gone by.

Until then,




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