The Pick-Me-Up Playlist

I always think there is something therapeutic about being alone in your kitchen, cleaning up the pots and giving it socks to a Whitney classic – or is that just me?
I recently was browsing the blog-o-sphere and came across a few blogs that had shared playlists. So I’ve decided to do one of my own!

The following songs give me all kinds of emotions – but that’s the trick; they let me release these emotions. I usually end up feeling better after a listen to the following tunes so here they are, accompanied with a little synopsis of why it is they make the Pick-Me-Up Playlist.

  1. Zombie – The Cranberries: Sometimes I have days where I walk around and pretend this is playing in the background, like a bad-ass character in a film. Not joking. In my eyes, Dolores O’Riordan is a boss and listening to this song when I’m a bit angry or frustrated always makes me feel a bit more in control and ready to take on the world.
  2. Wild Horses – Birdy, Sam Feldt remix: I regularly listen to this while I’m running the roads (like a wild horse, waheeey!) It’s really uplifting and gets my legs pumping. It reminds me life keeps on changing and I’ve to grab it by the horns to get the most of it. And definitely one to heal a broken heart.
  3. Forever – Haim: I am a massive lover of all songs Haim. They’re sassy sisters doing it for themselves and they’re superbly talented musicians too. Other favourites include My Song 5 & The Wire.
  4. When I’m Sixty-Four – The Beatles: This song just makes me happy and cheerful. Simple as that.
  5. Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Reading: His voice transports me to a sunny evening far away watching water lapping and being totally relaxed. A great unwind song.
  6. Heartlines – Florence and the Machine: I’m an avid fan of Flo and all her songs. I include Heartlines because it is a song I listen to when I feel a little bit all at sea and have bitten off more than I can chew. It reminds me to just do my own thing.
  7. Shake it out  – Florence and the Machine: Yep, two mentions for Florence – because it is damn hard to dance with the devil on your back!
  8. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson: A great reminder that if things are frustrating or not going well, it’s best to start with yourself and work from there. And it always reminds me of Christmas, my favourite time of year!
  9. Wish You Were Here – Pink Flyod: This is a sad song but a really, really great sad song and it is always one I listen to if I’m just feeling down and need to let out a few pent up emotions. Nothing wrong with a healthy, old cry every now and again and you feel way better afterwards.
  10. Tiny Dancer – Elton John: This one is featured in one of my favourite films Almost Famous (watch if you haven’t). It’s from an iconic scene on the band’s tour bus so I often re-imagine it as I do my weekly cross-country commute to Galway for college… Really.
  11. Come on Eileen! – Dexy’s Midnight Runners: This was always played at friends’ 18th birthday parties. It was also featured in the film of one of my favourite books The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Definitely one for when you’re cleaning those pots in the kitchen!
  12. Bird Set Free – Sia: I could have mentioned Sia’s very popular Alive but I thought I’d give another of her songs a nod because she is pretty amazing after all. This is a real pick-me-up number and always makes me feel like the world is my oyster. Which is a lovely feeling.
  13. Survivor – Destiny’s Child: It was a toss up between this and Independent Women, but I went with this one because it used to be the theme song for the closing credits of Tracy Beaker on CBBC. Logic.
  14. Trump Card – Bagatelle: A real classic ‘eff-you’ from the band that brought us the legendary Summer in Dublin.
  15. F**k You – Lily Allen: Speaking of ‘eff-you’ songs, Lily is queen. The chorus is particularly catchy.
  16. Two Fingers – Jake Bugg: And another. Jakey Bugg, so serious but so damn good. Saw him in Marley Park and not gonna lie, a smile would probably crack his face in two but him and that guitar are a force to be reckoned with. And this song is a cracker.
  17. Hold on – Wilson Phillips: This is from the funniest film ever, Bridesmaids. This is for when you catch yourself pointing fingers or being miserable and need to sit up and take responsibility for your own happiness.
  18. Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac: One of my all time favourite songs. Forgive me, but it’s kind of mystical or something? Go Your Own Way is another favourite from Stevie Nicks and co, and definitely one for the air-guitar soloist in you!
  19. I Know – Tom Odell: Turns into a real belter by the chorus. Turn it up to the max and get it all out.
  20. Rolling in the Deep – Adele: I have spent valuable time in my life thinking how great it would be if I was Adele. In fact, if I could buy an album of just her being hilarious I would. Gas woman and plenty of sass.

There’s plenty more songs that I should’ve included but maybe there’ll be a Part 2… We’ll see! Anyway hope you enjoyed something a bit different, that’s it for now,



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