Busy bee

I feel like I need to shout ‘Welcome back!’ to you all. There hasn’t been an entry into the Marathon Diaries for at least three weeks – and for that I apologise. I’m sure you all missed my ramblings so very much…

So what has been happening? First of all, I’ve hit 13 miles which I’m very happy about as the half-marathon is fast approaching, on 24th of September. However, I have to admit my running hit a dip last week.

I came back to Galway to start college and take up my new role as the editor of the college paper. They say the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ is the grown-up version of the dog eating your homework. I’m not exactly grown-up but it certainly was my excuse for running last week. I had to get the paper done by Friday at 9am and find time to socialise. It’s a tough life, I know…

I went home for the weekend to get in my long run and while I ran 10 miles, I didn’t reach my target of 14. As I have mentioned, I had a very busy week and had been up at half five on Friday making sure I wouldn’t sleep in past my deadline for the newspaper – come Saturday morning, I was exhausted.

I felt seriously groggy but I laced up my running shoes nonetheless and met up with the group at the track. However, by mile 5 I was well and truly struggling. My head was sore and my throat felt dry. I gulped back my water and tried to keep going, slowing down my pace.

I was lucky to have the company of other team members and I reached the 10 mile mark before calling it a day. I was sweating but felt shivery and I felt light headed. Thankfully, I was supplied with jellies and water to remedy my wooziness.

Getting home, I showered, made some tea and toast with Nutella (if it’s good enough for the O’Donovan Brothers, it’s good enough for me!) and then I simply slept for the rest of the day. After such a busy week, I think my body just wanted to go into shut down mode. I’ve had a runny nose and stuffy head all weekend but today it is finally starting to clear up. I’ll be out running the roads of Galway tomorrow, a gentle 4 mile to get me into it!

In hindsight, I should probably have taken Saturday off and gone for my run on Sunday. However, isn’t that the beauty of hindsight? I’ll know for next time. I now know it’s vital to listen to your body when you’re running – you won’t go far running yourself into the ground!

I feel I have also settled back into Galway now and it will be easier to fit in my miles. Hopefully by next week’s long run, I’ll have my mojo back – and with only 7 weeks to go, I’d want to!

Till next week,






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