How many miles?!

Only one sleep to go! That’s right, it’s Marathon Eve and there’s only mere hours until competitors are lining up at the starting line of the Dublin City Marathon.

Today, Team Carrie took the ever-chugging (but beloved) team bus* to the RDS to the DCM Expo to collect that all important race number – and suddenly I got a sense of exactly how much this run tomorrow means not only to me but to 19,499 other runners/joggers/walkers/crawlers/whatever you’re doing yourself; finishing a marathon is an incredibly special thing and something only 1% of the world’s population do in their lifetime. Strolling around the expo checking out the marathon’s Hall of Fame, I spotted a picture of my uncle Neil Cusack who won back in 1981. Being in Wave 4 myself, there’s not much chance of me keeping up with any family record – but as is the case for so many of those lining up tomorrow, to get to the finishing line will be a record enough for me. I thankfully also have the excuse of Neil being married to my dad’s sister – so just to make it clear, this running lark isn’t actually in my genes, alright?

I’d just like to say thanks to all my family & friends (and the general public) who have put up with me talking pretty persistently about these 26.2 miles for the last few months, thanks to Marathon Trainer extraordinaire David Carrie for his boundless energy and support, and to everyone who I have had the pleasure of torturing myself with during long runs a big best of luck. Also a massive thanks to those of you who have sponsored me for SOSAD, the charity I chose to donate to this year. If you follow this blog, you’ll be aware of the role positive mental health plays on here and SOSAD are a charity that champion that in every way. Check out their Facebook page here. Running has certainly improved my mental health and is not something I’ll be giving up anytime soon.

So, here’s to tomorrow. Not sure how I’m feeling about the 6am start but come 9am, I’m sure I’ll be rearing to go – the pasta should kick in around then, I’d say? I fell asleep earlier when I came home from Dublin and had a dream that the first mile was run in a strange gym hall and I was the last one out of the gym onto the streets. Not really sure what kind of omen that is other than my brain has clearly reached a new level of marathon mania.

Anyway, be sure to check in in a few days time when I chronicle my marathon experience for one last time. Now, runner 17272 is off for an early night… wish me luck!


*The bus also got clamped today. And we still made it home. NOTHING STOPS TC.




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