Hello there and welcome to sorchadorcha!

Every now and again this hectic world can get us down. Yet we can always help ourselves feel better and that is what this little blog of mine is all about. We can wallow for awhile but there comes a time when we must realize that there is countless opportunities waiting for us, if we just let the light shine through again – we’ve just got to bring the sorcha to the dorcha.

And what does that mean you say? Sorcha, my name, means bright while dorcha means dark. A (sort of/probably not) clever pun for a happy, live life to the full kinda blog.

Learning to cope with what life throws at us, achieving goals, having fun and eating well all culminate in feeling great and so I hope this blog will not only guide me but you too when the sun refuses to shine and we get a little lost and muddled on our journeys through the day to day.



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