Sarah Oldam, Irish dancer

I have dealt with many set backs throughout the years. The hardest ones are whenever I injure myself. It always is around the time leading up to major competitions where any time off isn’t something you want to be doing. But all anyone can do is rest until they feel confident that they can go out and have no issues with the injury. And when that time comes it is very important to get lots of rest, listen to your body and tape up those feet and ankles to prevent any other damage.

When I experience any sort of disappointment the only thing I have ever done is to keep working harder and harder. I do this because I have never been one to give up because something becomes too difficult or I don’t get what I want or deserve. I will keep working until my goals are achieved.
Don’t ever give up no matter what you are going through. If you want it, work at it and go for it!